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D-Tuned [2013]

Miss Hope was commissioned to reinterpret a selection of songs by various artists as her own, while pushing the boundaries of her preconceived limitations of ability and available technology. “D-Tuned” is the result of that venture.

1. Green Day – Brain Stew

4. The Black Keys – Little Black Submarines

7. Jay-Z – 99 Problems

Fight A New Day [2011]

“Fight A New Day”, the second studio album from Shannon Hope, is essentially about being brave enough to believe in yourself and your truth, and finding the strength to wake up to fight a new day despite what that day might hold.

2. The Waiting Room

5. Why I Bother

6. Being Brave

S T I L L [2009]

Shannon Hope’s debut solo endeavour, entitled “STILL”, is a mature and remarkably honest 11 track studio album. The album, co-produced with Tim Rankin at his Cape Town studio, was recorded in a mere 5 days, and released on 1 April 2009.

1. Oh Boy

3. Blue Skies

8. Bang My Head

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TEDx Talk

the irrationality of believing

“We fear failure because we think it will define us as something, and it does. It defines you as someone who tried. Success is not about how the story ends; it’s about the story itself. Measuring my worth on the dream scale, measuring my success, is never going to be about how well I’m doing financially or how many marks of distinction I can write in my artist biography. It’s about those moments that make you feel like that kid with a big dream who gets to do what she’s always wanted to do.”
– Shannon Hope, TEDxCapeTown, 2013

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Press Reviews

What the critics have to say

  • 'Emotive, evocative, and delivered with such honesty that you can't help believing every single word.'
    Chantel Oosthuysen, Channel 24, 2009
  • 'Hope is brave and real, and her outstanding performance took me places I hadn't been in years.'
    Chantel Oosthuysen, Channel 24, 2009
  • 'Powerful, yet delicately moving...'
    Bill Ryan, Daily News, 2009
  • ‘With a sound charged with emotional intensity, Shannon Hope’s performance brought goose bumps to my skin.’
    Isabel Rawlins, Cue Review, 2010
  • 'She has me entranced.'
    Fiona Gordon, Artslink, 2010
  • ‘Her voice is so powerful yet intimate at the same time.’
    Kei-Ella, Artsblog, 2010
  • ‘As she started to sing, I instantly pictured her on a dark stage, lit by a single spotlight in an auditorium filled with thousands of fans.’
    Fiona Gordon, Cue Review, 2010
  • ‘What you see when you look at her is rock ’n roll, but what you hear when she plays is heart and soul.’
    Kgomotso Moncho, Daily News, 2010
  • ‘Shannon Hope manages to command the audience’s attention from the moment she sits behind her piano.’
    Andrea Buchanan, Channel 24, 2010
  • ‘Achingly honest.’
    Andrea Buchanan, Channel 24, 2010
  • ‘Her powerful voice conveys unabashed emotion through skilful dynamics and changes in tone.’
    Andrea Buchanan, Channel 24, 2010
  • ‘Hope’s voice is something to lose yourself in.’
    Bruce Dennill, The Citizen, 2010
  • ‘Shannon is iemand wat ‘n kamer se dak van sy mure af kan wegsing.’
    Angola Badprop, Die Beeld, 2010
  • ‘Dit is onbestrede: Hope is Aardklop 2010 se nuwe stem van die jaar.’
    Angola Badprop, Die Beeld, 2010
  • ‘She will mesmerise you with her poignant performance. She will capture you and enrapture you with her stunning vocal delivery.’
    Malcolm Burger, PeerMusic, 2011
  • 'Heartbreak never looked this good...'
    Tina George, Cape Argus, 2011
  • ‘Shannon Hope’s understated, quirky style complements her energetic playing and rich, powerful voice.’
    Rowan Roux, Cue Review, 2011
  • ‘Instantly likeable, Hope captivates the audience with her accessible melodies and beguiling stage presence.’
    Rowan Roux, Cue Review, 2011
  • ‘Hope, with her intimate lyrics and powerful, passionate delivery, blew audiences away.’
    Latoya Newman, Daily News, 2011
  • ‘Her lyrics are mature and honest, and her voice drips with emotion.’
    Tina George, Cape Argus, 2011
  • ‘A performance to behold.’
    Tina George, Cape Argus, 2011
  • ‘Looking around the theatre, there were a good few misty eyes hanging on every word, spoken or sang.’
    Garth Johnstone, Ridge Magazine, 2011
  • 'The drama, the crescendo of emotional turmoil and her ever-present faith is disarming.'
    Angela Weickl, LMG, 2011
  • 'This solo pianist and singer is dramatic, fearless, even ferocious on stage...'
    Therese Owen, The Star, 2012
  • ‘One of the hardest-working independent artists in the country.’
    Bruce Dennill, The Citizen, 2012
  • ‘When she leans into a note, it's easy to picture the front row at a concert having to lean towards her to avoid being flattened by the power of her voice.'
    Bruce Dennill, The Star, 2012
  • ‘By the end of the evening I felt like I had been on a journey to my inner core and all my old wounds felt raw and exposed.’
    Tequila Tart, Blog, 2012
  • ‘Shannon rips open a hole in the Universe and invites you to step inside, through the looking glass.’
    Malcolm Burger, PeerMusic, 2012
  • ‘Her music is, in a word, transcendent.’
    Malcolm Burger, PeerMusic, 2012
  • ‘Shannon Hope was mesmerising and had us all completely, silently spellbound.’
    Malcolm Burger, PeerMusic, 2012
  • ‘She reaches in and connects with your heart, your innermost fears, your wildest fantasies and your guarded core.’
    Malcolm Burger, PeerMusic, 2012
  • ‘Her voice raises goose bumps on my flesh.’
    Angela Weickl, Your LMG, 2012
  • ‘The drama, the crescendo of emotional turmoil and her ever-present faith is disarming.’
    Angela Weickl, Your LMG, 2012
  • ‘Shannon had the audience enraptured; silenced to the point of being stunned.’
    Jemima-Faye, Studio7, September 2012
  • ‘A presence that you miss when it leaves, a craving you can't subdue without having more…’
    Henry Stock, Blog, 2013
  • ‘She doesn’t just play or write music, she lives it.’
    Henry Stock, Blog, 2013
  • ‘Hope is open, honest, and utterly romantic.’
    Chelsea Haith, Cue Review, July 2013
  • ‘Honest, emotional, polished: what more could one ask for?’
    Jeffrey Stretton-Bell, Grocott’s Mail, 2013

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KETAMINE 2001 - 2006

“With the band naming itself after a drug, expectations of ecstasy and let-go are going to be exceedingly high. Thankfully, Ketamine is expressively addictive. Ketamine soars, so much so that if I were wearing headphones that seduced with their music whilst I leapt from a cliff, I’d expect to fly.”
– Wicked Rock, July 2004

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