“S T I L L” Album Review

hot off the press

Photograph by Rogan Ward

Written by Bill Ryan

Eleven tracks are contained on Still, the debut solo album from Durban’s Shannon Hope, the talented singer-songwriter noted for heading acclaimed alternative rock band Ketamine. Here, as the title suggests, Hope is in a more mellow and reflective mood, the collection marking a return to the classically inspired, piano-based vocal illustrations of her earlier writing.

Powerful, yet delicately moving, the disc, co-produced by Hope and Tim Rankin, was recorded in Cape Town in five intense days of musical madness, and delivers the heart-wrenching reflection of an artist yearning to be heard, and a voice impossible to ignore. Songs are thoughtful and personal, often very honest, and it’s an album that grows more compelling with each listen. It is selling for R100 (excluding tax), but Hope has a proposition – if you feel it is worth more, she will donate all extra cash received to Powar, an organisation aiming to provide support and a safe haven for survivors of abuse and rape.


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