The Difference A Venue Makes

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There is this constant search to find the right venues around the country for what I do, and when I stumble onto one that works just right, everything else falls into place without effort. I’m set up to play two shows at Chandlers Underground in East London this weekend, and it is just that kind of venue. It’s small and intimate and suits me just fine for the nature of my current touring in the smaller centres around South Africa.

These perfect, effortless venues are few and far between, and many tend to close down eventually, so I find myself so often fighting tirelessly for a platform for my music. Over the past year, several of my favourite venues around the country have closed their doors, a curse of this temperamental industry and a hurdle that grows tiresome.

But, when it works, it just works, and what makes it work is a combination of things, not the least of which is that first impression. When I walk into a venue for the first time I know exactly how it will all pan out, from start to finish. The combination of management, hospitality and plain courtesy are forefront in my mind. I pride myself on running my business as efficiently as possible, and on being as professional as I can, so I notice when the courtesy is returned and know that it makes a difference to the experience as a whole.

Having lost at least five class venues over the past year, I’m thrilled to say that, for now at least, East London is sorted.


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