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I was booked for five World Cup Beach Festival shows on Durban beachfront during this final week of gees and they’ve been pretty run-of-the-mill quick sets that, as luck would have it, produced some pretty nifty contacts (as these gigs usually do) and adequate attention from a relatively diverse mid-week daytime turnout (in fact, I’m happy to report that albums are now on their way to Germany and Nicaragua!)… and then the South African Police Service turned up!

I am admittedly a little disturbed as the lead singer, radio buckled around his waist and gun still strapped to his thigh, grabs the mic in true rock star fashion and totally commands the stage. Now I was privy to the saxophonist warming up backstage before they went on, so I was quite looking forward to their set as he had me captured with the smooth sounds of an instrument that commands my full attention (I have to admit falling in love a few times as a result of the power it has over me). So when they started off with a killer jazzy tune I was suitably impressed and keen for more. They quickly descended, however, into what I would normally class as cheesy covers, but the guy had a gun, so there was no eye-rolling here. The crowd was loving it. I enjoyed a good chuckle to myself when I heard the phrase “put your hands up in the air”, which the crowd very promptly did, although at the time, I think I was the only one who fully appreciated the hilarity (I laugh at my own jokes often).

Despite an ultimately disappointing repertoire, I have to say that watching the cops rocking that stage (albeit in their own way) was the highlight of my week, topped off only by the officer who walked into my dressing room today saying “Shannon Hope, you’re under arrest”. In actuality, he had come to congratulate me on my set and to share lyrics to a song that he’d written, but jokes aside, hearing those words made my heart skip a quick beat.


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