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I’m not a big fan of those overstated phrases that so often frequent conversations of heartache and hardship. You know the ones… Platitudes. Those phrases crafted to help you save face when you’re down and out… “there are plenty of fish in the sea”, “the grass isn’t always greener on the other side”, and “every cloud has a silver lining”.

The fact is, you can philosophise all you want but you still feel like crap in that moment, and until you don’t feel that way anymore, no thoughtfully manicured saying is going to make you feel any better. Having said that, I do still appreciate a beautiful saying, as they can give us hope when we have none, offering a little extra motivation to keep on keeping on. I like to think of myself as a pretty positive person these days (yes, I had my emo moments in the past but I’m pretty put together now), and I have a few of my own philosophies that keep me going and keep me believing in this crazy cool life.

There are a few phrases that pop up a lot in the music industry, the most common of which is that golden piece of attempted comfort: “there’s always someone watching”. When I find myself performing to a handful of people (or less on the odd occasion), I hear that internal voice reminding me that there is always someone who needs to hear what I have to say… that there is always a reason. Truly believing that is easier said than done.

Over the past ten years I’ve had a few of those performances, those shows that I thought I would never get through in one sane piece. But looking back there have been reasons for them. Whether it be the one album I sold that is now making it’s way across oceans to new audiences; or the great press I gained from impressing that solitary reporter who almost made up the entire audience; the sound crew who did in fact make up my entire audience but are now good friends and offer endless industry networking potential; or the promoter who now offers trips to far off lands… yes, there really is (generally-speaking) always a reason.

I got a call from an agent this week who had stumbled across one of these “intimate” shows recently, purely by chance. He had only watched a few songs but made a mental note to remember my name and when a project came up this week, he thought of me. Unfortunately I’m committed to other shows during that time so I can’t take him up on this particular offer (which happened to include a trip to a private game reserve in Kenya which really would’ve been splendid), but this chance meeting is already yielding other opportunities and I’m thrilled that he stumbled across one of those seemingly pointless filler shows and look forward to the potential of this new working relationship.

There is no doubt in me that there is always some truth hidden within the beauty of a well structured phrase (even the most obscure or seemingly cheesy ones), and I cling to the notion that is always a reason, even when none appears. Believe.


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