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I spend a lot of time on tour in Cape Town but haven’t really spent much of that time exploring the incredible sights. On my last tour I finally managed to get to the Old Biscuit Mill which I hope to make a tradition on many tours to come – a great way to spend a Saturday morning, and so very “Capetonian”. On a holiday three years ago (probably the last time I had a holiday) I saw the penguins and seals, caught the whales off the coast on a very lucky drive down the peninsula, and took pics of those famous coloured huts on Muizenberg beach. So today being the last day of my current tour, I decided it was time to catch up on some exploration… but this time, something very special!

My sister took the day off from work and we set off for Moyo at Spier Wine Estate, just outside Stellenbosch to meet Joseph, a cheetah! I’ve seen a few pics scattered on the web of friends and family who’ve experienced this. It truly is quite incredible and I highly recommend it to anyone who has the opportunity. Half way through my encounter with Joseph he started purring, and I had to double check with the trainer at my side that it was, in fact, purring and not growling because it was loud and intense. Apparently Joseph is quite the superstar, having appeared on the silver screen and on more stages than I have! I’m thinking of featuring his intense purr on one of the tracks on my next album so that I have an excuse to invite him on stage… now that would be rock ‘n roll!

We took a walk around the Outreach facilities at Spier afterwards to meet a few other characters on the premises including Baggins the serval, Malaika the caracal, Ntombi and Moya the black-backed jackals, and two very hyperactive meerkats named Sebastian and Minki. If you’re ever in the area, check out Cheetah Outreach, it’s absolutely well worth the visit.


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