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I find it very interesting when I’m compared to other artists. It is especially interesting when I haven’t heard of them. There are some entirely uninspiring comparisons that pigeon hole me into that general class of female singer-pianists like “that chick from Evanescence” which has nothing to do with the music I play and more to do with the fact that, well, I play the piano, I sing and I’m a chick. But very often I’ve been exposed to new artists that I grow to admire as a result. Erin McCarley is one such artist.

Jeremy Douglas, an artist who opened at one of my shows in East London earlier this year (unequivocally South Africa’s version of John Mayer) compared me to her when we reconnected a few weeks ago. I have come to take anything he has to say about music pretty seriously, because apart from the fact that I find him irresistibly talented, he has proven to have impeccable taste. So I looked her up, was intrigued by the 30 second online samples and ordered the album, which just arrived and has been on repeat ever since.

The album is a perfectly impressive balance of subtle hooks and lyrical honesty. There are brief moments where she reminds me of one of my favourite artists, Fiona Apple (most notably in It’s Not That Easy), which is not surprising as she lists her as a huge songwriting inspiration as well. It’s a refreshing, well-produced album of elegantly written songs, and I am humbled to have been compared to her, and left inspired to produce an album even remotely as beautifully crafted.


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