Kawai: The Rolls Royce of Pianos

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The dream at the top of my “one day” list is a simple one… to play a grand piano on stage. Last week, it was just that – a “one day” dream. But after a whirlwind overnight visit to Cape Town this week, I’m left with a grin from ear to ear and my “one day” list is looking more conquerable than I imagined it would ever be.

On one of my days off during a Cape Town tour earlier this year, I found myself in a music store killing time, checking out some toys, tinkling various ivories. I’ve never really been one of those musicians to hang out in a music store, checking out gear, but this was just one of those arbitrary days… a day that would ultimately change the world as I knew it, because on this arbitrary day, spent killing time in Cape Town, I was introduced to a beautiful mahogany finish stage piano by Kawai and from the first note I played, I was hooked. It was love at first perfect note.

After some discussions with Kawai over the past few months, and a final meeting this week, I have just signed a full endorsement deal with this world-renowned brand and will be receiving my new baby in the next few days from Japan (upon which time you probably won’t see or hear much from me as I’ll be locked away in piano heaven getting to know her).

Having not had the chance to play a grand piano in probably well over a decade now, I was let loose on the showroom floor on Monday, much to my intense delight, and I can honestly say my heart is entirely sold on this brand. Pianos perfected, without a doubt. Kawai is the Rolls Royce of pianos as far as I’m concerned (and the likes of my fellow brand ambassador, Muse’s Matthew Bellamy, agrees!!), especially when it comes to their digital stage pianos.

Playing a digital instrument with this level of realistic touch and tone is like playing a concert grand piano every day. So, added to the fact that I also now have the incredible opportunity to play a real concert grand piano at selected shows in Cape Town should I ever have the urge, my “one day” dream has come unbelievably true.


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  • So awesome! Glad a good brand signed you up! Chris Duigan, who performs around the country, performs on Kawai and they really are beautiful sounding instruments. Our pianist Jon performs on Yamaha CP, which is also great, but I’m sure he’d also go into hibernation if he owned one of these babies. Enjoy!

  • Thanks Ryan! Cloud 9 is a beautiful place 🙂

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