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I don’t know how I missed this grand event last year, but Skunk Anansie released a new record. How it slipped past me, I don’t know, but it did. Thankfully, my producer just happened to give me the album last week! Because he’s cool like that. Guess what’s been at full blast repeat in my car ever since…

This woman can sing. As far as my ultimate musical inspiration goes, she’s it. I would travel across oceans to watch her live if I could possibly afford to (and yes, I totally missed their shows in South Africa just over a decade ago and am still kicking myself).

If I could switch places with anyone or emulate someone’s music and style, it’s her. A major Skunk Anansie fan since their Paranoid & Sunburnt debut in ’95, I also loved both solo albums she released after the band split in ’01. Her first solo album, Fleshwounds, was released at a time when I needed to suffer in the music I was listening to, with someone whose words spoke in a way I couldn’t at the time. Her second urged and inspired me to get over it. There’s a strength in her voice that moves me, that makes me believe in everything the sound makes me feel, and Skunk Anansie’s new addition to her insane portfolio captures that power beautifully.

Getting this album was perfectly timed for me. I’ve decided to redo some vocals for my new record later this month before I finalise the release. Listening to my idol paint these crazy emotional colours with her voice is exactly the inspiration I needed to get my head where it needs to be. And it’s rad driving music which I’ve clearly needed recently…


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