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There are two arts festivals in my touring calendar that I most look forward to every year. The first is the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown in July – a festival that shapes and challenges me in so many ways. The second is Aardklop Nasionale Kunstefees in Potchefstroom in October, which I’ve just returned home from.

I don’t play on the main festival program at Aardklop, but at a venue called Snowflake, an old flour mill which has been converted into a double volume exhibition space, and plays host to an incredible exhibition of art and music until all hours of the morning. The awesomely attentive audience consists of Potch residents, festival visitors, actors and musicians participating in the festival, journalists, and industry gurus, and aside from the ridiculously rad opportunity to play for an audience who are really there to listen, it’s the most concentrated collection of industry contacts you can imagine and the perfect opportunity for some quality career networking… not to mention an overdose of rocking ‘n rolling with some of the coolest people I know!

This year’s edition was jam-packed with intensity. Aside from finalising and planning the launch of my new album during the day (which included a very well-timed day trip through to Joburg to collect the master!), and celebrating my 32nd birthday (YAY me!), I had a show every night through the week. As luck would have it, Tim Rankin (my producer / drummer) and Schalk van der Merwe (ridiculously talented bass player) were in town on the Tuesday evening and jammed a few songs with me, a pretty awesome birthday present if you ask me!! It’s been far too long since I played with a band onstage, so it was ridiculously awesome to have some extra noise and sounded pretty darn epic from where I was sitting! I really can’t wait to be in a position to showcase my music in a full band setting like this on a more regular basis. I was also invited to play a song with Karen Zoid on the Thursday evening, which was a great honour and just moerse cool!!

I have to send a huge shout out to my hosts Steven & Richardt for putting me up and for just being plain awesome, and to Santoni for giving me the opportunity to experience another unforgettable, life-changing week in the North-West! Biggest love.


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