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I got distracted. Briefly. I recorded the new album months ago and set off on a mission to find help. Releasing independently was not really something I wanted to do again, purely because I don’t have the resources to do it the way it needs and deserves to be done. I don’t have the push. I’m just me. So I set off on a mission. To find people. But people, the right people, are not actually all that easy to find…

So here I am, months later, exactly where I knew I would end up anyway: releasing the album independently. And I’m making it work. I have no budget to speak of, so I’m calling in small favours when needed, and focusing all my resources on getting this album finished and released… on time for the big launch at my ultimate dream venue!

About 3 months ago I walked into a venue in Cape Town and fell completely and utterly in love. I’ve been dreaming about a space that would serve my music, my soul, my performing spirit in exactly the right combination of awesome, and on my last national tour, I was lucky enough to find that exact space. As it turns out, the managing director of said dream venue – the epically beautiful Fugard Theatre – was actually at one of my shows at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown and had already made up his mind that it was the right space for what I do. So after a few discussions, we’ve booked my album launch in the Studio space at the Fugard Theatre for November 5th, and I am BEYOND THRILLED! Having the opportunity to perform in my dream space is too rad! Add to that the obvious excitement of finally releasing my album, and performing live on a Kawai grand piano for the first time, with complimentary bubbles courtesy of Van Loveren (because no event of this magnitude would be complete without bubbles), and you can imagine the ridiculously epic smile on my face.

The final stages of pulling an album together are, for me, the most exciting, terrifying, daunting, intense and exhilarating of what I do… Getting the final mixes, sending off to mastering, finalising tracklisting, designing the artwork, sourcing printing, prepping online and retail distribution, organising couriers, pre-orders, launch venues, posters, press releases, publishing, radio submissions, and videos; all while touring around the country so that I can pay for it all.

It’s a crazy interweaving web of intensity, all for 11 songs that I wrote, primarily in my bedroom, that I’d dig for you to hear. All this fuss seems a little ridiculous when you think about it really. But the truth is, once all these crazy pieces fit together and I’m holding that final product in my hands, that I’ve poured my heart and soul into… it’s one of those magic moments. And it’s almost here.

Here’s a little taste of what to expect:

Email to pre-order your signed copy of “Fight A New Day” hot off the press for R120 (excl. P&P). Please include desired quantity, full name & delivery address.


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