Crazy Beautiful Dream

musings of a professional dreamer

Photograph by Rogan Ward
It has begun! Fight A New Day is going to be released to the world on Monday – Halloween – and the big Cape Town launch celebration in my dream space, The Fugard Theatre Studio, is next weekend – yes, Guy Fawkes (my timing is completely unintentionally but ridiculously cool, I’m just saying).

I’ve been prepping for this for months, working solidly through the night the past few weeks to make sure that everything goes off perfectly, on time, as it should… and then I packed my car and hit the road for the 7 week promo tour that lies ahead, starting off in Gauteng…

I drove the 600km to Joburg feeling like a kid before Christmas. Even that long, straight road that I’ve driven countless times looked shiny and new. It’s almost sickening how chipper and excited I am. Hearing that the first single from the album received its first confirmed playlisting made the start to this tour rock even more than it already does. I have never worked so hard and dreamed so big, and I’m so ridiculously amped to watch this chapter unfold.

This week the printer delivers the final printed product!! The bubbly is chilling in anticipation… As soon as that box arrives, I send out local and international pre-orders and drop off stock with the distributor for retail stores countrywide. Worldwide digital distribution through iTunes and Nokia is prepped and ready to go. Details for the launch in Cape Town are coming together beautifully with a few media interviews coming up this week, VIP launch invites to finalise, last minute press releases and media kits to prepare, a setlist to write, a set design to envision, and a guitarist to rehearse with…. oh, and another 1,900km to drive.

It’s all a beautifully epic blend of crazy that I proudly call my dream. And it’s totally happening to me.


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