Fight A New Day

the new album - out now!

Photograph by Rogan Ward

“Fight A New Day” is out now.

I’ve been waiting to say those words for months, and finally have the intense satisfaction! And it feels pretty darn epic…

I still had a day job when my first album arrived by courier and I still clearly remember that moment and how it felt. This time was no less life-altering and profound. This album represents so many things for me, not the least of which is the accomplishment of getting to this point. On my own.

I remember looking forward at this giant, seemingly insurmountable dream that I had of pursuing music fulltime… I remember countless conversations with family and friends about this seemingly irresponsible decision to quit my day job and give this dream thing a real chance (the doubt was all me, by the way, everyone else was 100% behind the idea from the start)… I remember how terrified I was, how doubtful I was… and I remember how much I wanted it. I remember holding that finished product in my hands, so proud and excited and hopeful and so utterly terrified to believe.

And here I am, two and half years later, holding chapter 2 in my hands. Proud and excited and hopeful, and so thankful that I took the chance to believe in something with everything I am.

So with a giant smile plastered across my face, I’m thrilled to announce that Fight A New Day is out now.


The official album launch takes place at The Fugard Theatre in District Six, Cape Town on Saturday 5 November. Tickets available from Computicket.

The album will be available at all shows, and in Look & Listen stores nationwide later this week. Postal orders available on request by email ( Digital downloads available from iTunes.


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