A Tour That Dreams Are Made Of

musings of a professional dreamer

This was my eleventh tour to Cape Town and it still surprises me. This city has totally stolen my heart. The thing about tours to Cape Town is that it doesn’t seem to matter how hard I’m working, it never really feels like work in the true sense of the word.

Kicking off a tour in Cape Town by playing my dream gig in my dream venue ensured that this was going to be the most epic tour thus far (you can read about that here if you haven’t already). It also meant that any gigs I’d booked at venues that didn’t measure up would hit harder than they usually do. I always book a few gigs on these tours that pay a guarantee to ensure that I can cover the cost of the tour, but they are predominantly “background music” gigs, not shows, and they do nothing for my reputation and even less for my emotional well-being, so this is going to have to change. I’m tired of compromising my worth.

But it’s been an epic six weeks that I can’t truly put into words to fully capture the magic of it all. I really do love this crazy intense life, and for all its toil, I wouldn’t give it up for anything. I made some great contacts and rad friends; played in some beautiful spaces to audiences who wanted to listen and heard inspiring stories from people who heard their truth in my songs. I launched an album in my dream venue, was treated like a Rockstar, got play listed on radio and sold out of album stock at a show; and was thoroughly spoilt by Kawai with a new stage piano which is even better than the last one (didn’t think that was possible!). I drove beautiful roads like the R44 south from Somerset West to the Overberg (epic view!); went 4x4ing on the Atlantis Dunes; climbed the Slangkop Lighthouse in Kommetjie and climbed into the light (don’t tell the keeper!); was charged by a seal during a run on Blouberg Beach; jumped around on old vintage cars at the Wijnland Auto Museum (I heart vintage cars); experienced my first casting for an ad; shot my first music video; watched Tori Amos rocking two pianos simultaneously and finally saw Yoav’s live set. I watched the sun set over the sea after running into the wind on numerous occasions; and I even managed to take a day off somewhere in the middle and did absolutely nothing for an entire day… and I get to dream a little bigger for what comes next, with thanks to a few people who are making a difference, simply by listening and believing. I’m living a dream. Thank you.


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