In Studio with Jim Faulds

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I did some session work on an album by singer-songwriter and generally awesome dude, Jim Faulds, who I met at one of my shows in Cape Town last year. He mentioned when I met him that he hoped to collaborate sometime in the future, and then called me less than a month later and booked me into studio.

I haven’t had a chance for much studio collaboration because I’ve been so busy working on my own stuff, but this is definitely my kind of music and everything fitted so perfectly into my schedule that I jumped at the chance immediately.

His vocal quality and phrasing remind me of Glen Hansard (The Frames / The Swell Season / one of my favourite people), who was responsible for the ‘Once’ soundtrack, which was huge inspiration for me when I recorded my first album.

Aside from just really digging the music, it’s been so great to be back in studio. Studio is my favourite musical space to be in so, with a huge grin on my artist heart, I joined the expert talents of Barry van Zyl (drums), Schalk Joubert (bass), and Carl Wegelin (guitar), lead by Jim on acoustic & vocals at Rooftop Recording Studio in St James. It was basically one big jam session of two tracks and they’re totally rad.

It’s also been refreshing to be involved in something musically, without thinking about the business end goal. Having been so preoccupied with building a sustainable career out of my music, it’s so cool to just play music for a change, without thinking about how to sell it or package it or brand it or publish it or make it commercially viable. It’s just music. Blissful.

It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with the team involved in this album, and I’m really looking forward to hearing the final product. In the meantime, here’s a little taste of what we got up to.


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