The Week Of Dreams

musings of a professional dreamer

Photographs by Jesse Kate Kramer
Being treated like a Rockstar makes pretending to be a Rockstar a whole lot easier. Between hotel sponsorships, television appearances, grand pianos, sound and lighting crews, press interviews, camera crews, photographers, engraved name plaques on dressing room doors, and diva style welcome bouquets, I’m getting in some good practice. After all the dreaming and build-up and planning and rehearsal, it’s all over and feels like a surreal dream again… but dream week at The Fugard Theatre was exceedingly epic.

I was booked into the Holiday Inn Express for the week, which aside from making my week super comfortable and life a whole lot easier for me location-wise, added a little extra rock ‘n roll style to the whole experience. Despite my abhorrence for early mornings, the 5am call time at Expresso Show wasn’t actually as bad as I anticipated it being, and the show was an absolute blast (more about that here). Granted, I may have overdosed a little on the caffeine by lunch time in an over-zealous attempt to stay awake for the 16 hour work day, but that just added some extra buzz to an afternoon of press interviews and last minute setup for the main event the following day.

Cue dream…

The Fugard Theatre Studio is a dream space. I launched my second album there last year and it was a dream come true to perform on that stage. It’s perfect for what I do, for who I am, for what my music says, and for what I want my performances to be about, and it was thrilling to put another show together, to dream a little bigger, to script the next chapter in my story and prepare myself to share it. I feel more alive every time I walk onto that stage

This time, I was joined on stage by Jeremy Douglas on acoustic guitar and backing vocals, and Tessa Johnson on cello, and they added such beautiful elements to the music. I met Jeremy while I was on tour in East London a few years ago and was bowled over by his voice, his songs, his genuine passion and his understated talent, and I swore I’d share a stage with him again. He has a sensitivity that you don’t see very often, and songs that break your heart in the best way possible. He’s going to do remarkable things, mark my words. I met Tessa only two weeks before the Fugard show. When I saw her owning the hell out of her cello on stage at a gig I popped into very last minute, I knew she’d add something beautiful to the show. And she truly did. That instrument makes me so emotional and speaks volumes within these songs, and she added so much beautiful magic to the story. Having performed solo for so long, it was beautiful to be able to say more than I can on my own and to explore the music a little more. I sincerely hope I get to do that more often.

I walked onto the perfect stage, played a Kawai grand piano lit to perfection against the most beautiful backdrop I can imagine, and lived my dream to a standing ovation that has made my heart shine. Again. It was all so beautiful and I can’t wait to relive it when the live videos are released. With huge thanks to the Fugard Theatre and their incredible crew, Kawai Pianos, Holiday Inn Express, Expresso Morning Show, Skylight Creative, Jeremy Douglas, Tessa Johnson, Jesse Kate Kramer, Iain Kaufmann, Juanita Ferreira, and Eastern Acoustics, I had an epic dream week. And it was an honour to share it with you.

Photographs by Jesse Kate Kramer. View more in the Photo Gallery.


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