Rolling Stone Live Review

hot off the press

Written by Anton Marshall

There is still Hope, for all who may feel it’s a losing game.

Shannon Hope recently wrote for Rolling Stone about the displeasure of playing to an empty auditorium. She faced the exact opposite problem on Wednesday, playing to an especially crowded and noisy &Union for Puma Real Music Wednesdays.

Hope goes full barrel at the best of times, and seems to find extra (didn’t know that was possible) when staring down the muzzle of an impolite and unforgiving cannon – that of a disinterested free access throng. Maybe that’s a bit harsh. It is, after all, not an avenue specifically designed for live music – expecially of the solo, emotively dynamic kind.

Perhaps it’s an ideal test of resolve for an artist in a good way, too… That anyone who notices you in this context because you’ve persevered, would be a fan beyond reason.

Hope bangs out her music on piano like a possessed forest banshee, and when she lets go that deceptively dense voice, it should raise the hair on your forearms.

If more of the audience had simply watched and listened, as I did, they may have witnessed something special… as I did.


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