Barnyard Theatre Performance Review

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Written by Dallas Dahms

Excerpt from a review of Shannon Hope’s performance at the Barnyard Theatre, Durban supporting Dan Patlansky’s “Stripped” tour.

The show began at 8pm sharp and we were introduced to a young artist who I, in my self-imposed cultural exile of all things Durban, had never heard of before, namely Shannon Hope. She’s a tall, sultry looking young lass who’s short cropped dark hair and long fringe is vaguely reminiscent of one of those backing vocalist chicky’s from The Human League. As she sat down on her own in front of an electric piano I almost caught myself thinking, Oh God, please don’t let me be subjected to any more 80′s revival pop. But then she began to sing in a voice that I can only describe as intensely forlorn, yet at a pitch that almost instantly had the flesh on my arms raised in full goose-bump salute. Wow. What a talented musician she is!

What struck me as significant about her performance was that she sang about 4 or 5 of her own songs and only included a cover of a song I had never actually heard before, simply because (in her own words) it spoke deeply to her. Her musical style is not easily comparable to many mainstream artists of the day. I sat there transfixed, but desperately running through my ageing mental index of known female artists to try and find somebody I could compare her to. I came up with nothing – she’s unique, and apparently proudly Durbanite. I hope to see her play again soon.

Read the review for the full show with Dan Patlansky here.


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