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Pretending to be a superhero is one of my favourite favourite things to do! Without realising it (until recently), I’ve always had a fascination with danger and an addiction to pushing one’s limits as far as they will go.

I was in Johannesburg for an event recently, just at the right time to visit the Pure Rush team for a rap jump off the Anstey’s Building.

It’s been about 12 years since I had the epic adrenalin-fuelled pleasure to rap jump off a building, and it only took me one jump to get utterly, completely, entirely hooked on it again.

I highly recommend that you get yourself a dose of superhero adrenalin as soon as you can! It’s the raddest feeling in the whole wide world…

Below is a video of one of my spiral jumps, with a closing grin of pure, unadulterated happiness! That’s me in my (offstage) element!

Disclaimer: I should add, in the interest of full disclosure, that during one of my jumps on this awesomely rad and fun-filled day, I mistimed one of my spirals and didn’t catch myself before subsequently slamming into the wall and fracturing a rib or two. It was a silly mistake and entirely my fault, and is nothing time won’t heal. (It also didn’t stop me from doing another two jumps. Adrenalin is the most epic natural pain killer!) You know that fascination with danger that I mentioned earlier… it tends to result in me breaking myself on the odd occasion. Don’t try this at home, kids.


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