demo covers project, 2013

Miss Hope was commissioned to reinterpret a selection of songs by various artists as her own, while pushing the boundaries of her preconceived limitations of ability and available technology. D-Tuned is the result.

Re-imagining songs by Green Day, The Rolling Stones, Everclear, The Black Keys, Blind Melon, JayZ, Fat Freddy’s Drop, Silverchair, Foo Fighters, and Port O’Brien, with some surprising results, each song was recorded in 8 tracks or less.

The collection was released online, and select tracks from the project also feature in the YouTube series [the bedroom sessions], filmed live in the corner of her bedroom studio.

All instrumentation and programming by Shannon Hope, with all sounds created using the Kawai MP6 Stage Piano (excluding drum loops and selected samples). Performed, recorded and mixed by Shannon Hope using GarageBand (iPad).

Note: The D-Tuned album has not been professionally mixed and mastered, and ideally should be listened to through headphones.


© Shannon Hope 2017