Alone In The City

Live at The Fugard Theatre


‘Alone In The City’ performed by Shannon Hope, live at The Fugard Theatre Studio on 18 & 19 April 2012. A Skylight Creative production.

The concept of home has consumed me this year. I’ve been trying to figure out where I want to be, and how to make it financially possible for me to be wherever that is. I relocated to Cape Town for a few months to figure out if this is where I wanted to settle, only to confirm that it doesn’t matter where I’m based. Home can be anywhere. It’s not the place that’s important to me.

The reality of my life right now is that I live in borrowed space, and I’m so grateful to have the support that I do which enables me to pursue this dream, because without the kindness afforded me by family and friends who believe in what I do, I wouldn’t be able to do it. But I so desperately want a hole in the ground that is mine, and yearning for it as much as I do makes the reality of everything else that much more intense. But home is not just a space that I need to define. For me, home is a person. And I will never feel settled until my heart is resting there. With him.

Alone In The City is a song I wrote 3 years ago for my first album, and it’s meaning and back-story has shifted and changed for me with time. Essentially though, it’s a song about home being a person, about having someone to go home to, and is the song that I most enjoy playing at the moment, perhaps because it says so much about where I am right now.

© Shannon Hope 2017