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  • I hope i win and it does not matter who wins i just think you should know in your heart that you won but it would be a big dream come true

  • U r absolutely brilliant!! You have a beautiful voice. I have had the wonderful opportunity of listening to you twice now, and i still want to hear more………….Keep up the good work

  • Thanks so much, Sharon!

  • This article is as heartfelt as Shannon’s music. Yes, if only people could hear her they would understand. As part of the audience I know the apathy we show and and can only imagine the fear of waiting for us to show up. The truth is we’re so spoilt with entertainment that we no longer give exceptional talent the appreciation it deserves, at least not until it becomes so popular that we are overwhelmed by it and fall in line with the populist masses. I wish I had an answer to getting people there, but until I do I will at least be the part of Shannon’s audience that does arrive.

  • Sheldon, thanks so much for this, I really appreciate it! And thanks so much for coming to the show, you chose a great venue for it 🙂

  • Wow. Such beautiful words. I salute you for your brutal honesty, for laying yourself bare and for taking back your power. For that is indeed what you are doing. There is NO weakness in saying “I have had enough for now and I need time”. Giving yourself permission to take time out. It will get better. Why? It is evident that you are very strong and sometime the strength lies in taking the time to cry the healing tears. That is life. Embrace it. ANYONE who cannot see the strength in what you are doing is being very short-sighted. Take care of yourself.

  • Thanks so much, Mary, I really appreciate that!

  • Its okay to feel this way… But just so you know, you have given me hope and inspired me to persue my passion just by seeing how hard you work. Take your time, this year you have inspired another musician to never give up and that counts for something.

  • Aww, thanks so much, Stuart, that’s so rad! Looking forward to jamming soon!

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